Online Exhibition: "Overlaid & Underpinned"

 Works by Paolo Arao, Anthony Falcetta, Tim Hallinan, Vanessa Irzyk, Kevin Lucey, and Samnang Riebe, on Curating Contemporary until 4/7.

I've had the pleasure of curating this virtual show, which features mesmerizing work by five other painters and recent paintings of my own.

 "Overlaid and Underpinned" is a show about layers and process, time and materiality, and the ways in which each artist's work relies on buried information, evolved structures, and/or superimposed patterns.

From the essay which accompanies the show:  


"Everything counts and no element is truly lost, because its shape or absence is acknowledged by its replacement. The first thing we see is only the most recent change to the painter's first decision."


Check it out at, where the show will be featured until early April, before moving to the Previous Shows section of the site for your future viewing pleasure. 

Boston Accent Lit, volume 5

The new issue of the online literary and arts journal "Boston Accent Lit" has just gone live, and features a selection of my recent paintings along with the work of other visual artists and writers.  This "wicked good literary site" is a new addition to the creative community in Boston and the wider world, and I'm happy to be a part of it!

 Click here to check it out.


Schoolhouse Gallery show part 2, plus online exhibition "5 x 5"

Two of my paintings at Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown MA (see last post) will continue their stay through December, as part of the group show REBOOT.

Meanwhile, five more of my pieces are appearing in an online exhibition put together by the gallery, called "5 x 5".  This collection also features works by Marty Davis, Rebecca Doughty, photography duo Kahn & Selesnick, and Paul Stopforth.

Check out the online exhibition here:


REBOOT runs through December 2016.

Schoolhouse Gallery, 494 Commercial St., Provincetown MA, 02657.  (508) 487-4800.


"Temporal Transcendent" at Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville

Save the date -- Sunday, March 13, from 4-6PM -- and join me and my fellow artists for the opening reception!


"The artists in Temporal Transcendent find themselves at the intersection between the surprise of the quick glance and the uncanny no-time of the long gaze.  The conflux of these two states of time is where painting happens, and these five artists have been busy setting up camp."

This exhibition features abstract paintings which recall, reconstruct and reimagine the landscapes inhabited and internalized by each artist.  As painters, we spend hours, days and years looking at and experiencing our surroundings.  Then we return to our studios, where time becomes elastic, and pour those experiences into our work, which in turn allows a viewer to enter that contemplative time-out-of-time.  With over thirty paintings, this promises to be an expansive and beautiful show.

Temporal Transcendent runs from March 10 to April 9.  The gallery is located just inside the main entrance of the Brickbottom Artists studio building, and is open Thursday - Saturday from 12-5.  

Visit for more info.




Vermont or Bust ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been accepted to do a 4-week artist residency at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.  This competitive and well-regarded program puts 50+ artists and writers together on the beautiful campus of VSC, providing good meals, a private studio and lodgings, and the experience of meeting and working alongside fellow creative types for a solid month.  I’m super-excited and honored to have been accepted, and I’m already mentally packing my studio for the trip.

While I was fortunate to receive some financial aid — in the form of a small but generous merit-based VSC grant, plus their 10 hr/wk. work-exchange program — there will still be a good chunk of money to put down by early April, so I’m turning to my friends and supporters for a little help.  I’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign at, hoping to raise enough to cover the cost of the residency and perhaps to buy out my work-exchange hours (giving me extra time in the studio!).

If you can contribute to this worthy cause, I'd be most grateful.  Grateful enough, in fact, to offer you original works of art as rewards for your generosity.  Check out my campaign at , and thank you in advance for your support.

Group show at Porter Mill Gallery


I'm excited to be showing brand-new work this month as part of the five-person show ABOVE / BELOW / WITHIN.  Featuring artists from Boston's North Shore, this exhibition focuses on our immediate surroundings: the coastline, the small town, the salt-marsh... the memory of living in and being shaped by a place both enduring and constantly changing.  The works presented range from full abstraction to finely detailed realism, but at every point along the spectrum, it's clear that these pieces share a common territory.

ABOVE / BELOW / WITHIN runs from October 3 to November 1 with an artists' reception on Thursday, October 22 from 6- 9PM.  All are invited... hope to see you there!  (The gallery and studios are also a featured stop on the trolley route during Beverly Arts District's kickoff-day celebration... so if you can't make the reception, check us out on Saturday, Oct. 17.)

Porter Mill Studios and Gallery, 95 Rantoul St., Beverly MA.