Online Exhibition: "Overlaid & Underpinned"

 Works by Paolo Arao, Anthony Falcetta, Tim Hallinan, Vanessa Irzyk, Kevin Lucey, and Samnang Riebe, on Curating Contemporary until 4/7.

I've had the pleasure of curating this virtual show, which features mesmerizing work by five other painters and recent paintings of my own.

 "Overlaid and Underpinned" is a show about layers and process, time and materiality, and the ways in which each artist's work relies on buried information, evolved structures, and/or superimposed patterns.

From the essay which accompanies the show:  


"Everything counts and no element is truly lost, because its shape or absence is acknowledged by its replacement. The first thing we see is only the most recent change to the painter's first decision."


Check it out at, where the show will be featured until early April, before moving to the Previous Shows section of the site for your future viewing pleasure.