"Space Invaders" at Fountain Street Gallery, Boston

My painting crux (part of 2016-17's hot-top vernacular series) has been chosen to be part of Space Invaders at Fountain Street Gallery in Boston's SOWA gallery district.  This show, juried and curated by Samuel Rowlett, features work from 42 local, national and international artists, and "offers an array of differing perspectives on how to define and explore space."  

Space Invaders is on view from Jan. 3 - Jan. 28, 2018.  

**UPDATE: Due to impending winter weather on Fri. 1/5, the opening reception has been rescheduled to Friday, Jan. 12, from 6-8PM.**

[Fountain Street Gallery, 460C Harrison Ave., Suite 2, Boston, MA. (617) 292-4900]

Current and future shows


During November 2017, my work and a brief interview are part of PLEAT Gallery's exhibition "Vice Versa."  This online-only gallery, curated by artist Bethanie Irons, pairs up five works apiece from two contemporary artists each month, creating intriguing visual and conceptual dialogues.  My partner in this month's show is Annie Morgan Suganami, a Welsh painter of expressive and fascinating figures.  How do my abstraction and Annie's figuration relate?  See for yourself at www.pleatgallery.com .  Featured until Nov. 30, then available in the archives.


My work continues to be available at Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown MA, where paintings are on view now as part of the gallery's "Best of 2017" show, up until December 3.  The gallery has a strong selection of my 2016-2017 work as well, so pay them a visit online or in person if you'd like to know more.

[Schoolhouse Gallery, 494 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657 (508) 487-4800]


Framed work on paper from "Show of Hands" (a group exhibition at Fort Point Artists Community Gallery in Boston this summer) are on display at Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham, now through December.  These pieces are complemented by work on panel and canvas from 2015-2017.  Stop by during regular service hours on Sundays (8AM- approx. 1PM), or email me if you'd like to set up a viewing time during the week.  

[Christ Church of Hamilton & Wenham: 149 Asbury St., So. Hamilton, MA. (978) 468-4461]


I'm excited to be part of a group show which will hang at the Painting Center in New York City next spring.  Several pieces were chosen for inclusion in "OnEdge", curated by painter Susan Post, and I'm looking forward to joining an amazing roster of other artists for this show, focusing on how each artist explores, exploits and grapples with edges and the ideas of edges in their work.  "OnEdge" will be up from March 27 to April 21, 2018, with an opening reception the evening of March 29.  

[The Painting Center, 547 West 27th St., Suite 500, New York, NY 10001 (212) 343-1060]


Online Exhibition: "Overlaid & Underpinned"

 Works by Paolo Arao, Anthony Falcetta, Tim Hallinan, Vanessa Irzyk, Kevin Lucey, and Samnang Riebe, on Curating Contemporary until 4/7.

I've had the pleasure of curating this virtual show, which features mesmerizing work by five other painters and recent paintings of my own.

 "Overlaid and Underpinned" is a show about layers and process, time and materiality, and the ways in which each artist's work relies on buried information, evolved structures, and/or superimposed patterns.

From the essay which accompanies the show:  


"Everything counts and no element is truly lost, because its shape or absence is acknowledged by its replacement. The first thing we see is only the most recent change to the painter's first decision."


Check it out at www.curatingcontemporary.com, where the show will be featured until early April, before moving to the Previous Shows section of the site for your future viewing pleasure.